Narda grew up in South Africa. She lost her mom to cancer when she was seven years old. Seventeen years later she married the love of her life in his parents living room in Canada. They have two beautiful daughters that are seven (Olivia) and nine (Annabella). In 2011 Narda was diagnosed with breast cancer and learned that she carried the BRCA2 gene that she subsequently learned runs in her family.

She underwent chemotherapy and thought she had beaten the disease. Then in 2017 a routine CAT scan after a ski accident revealed a tumor on her liver. Tests revealed it was the same cancer as before, now in metastatic form. There is no known cure and 50% of patients do not survive two years.

Narda wants to live 10 years so she can raise her daughters to young adulthood with Brian, as she knows too well the cost of not having a mother during teen years.

Have a peek into Narda’s sweet South Africa. Brian shot this on their trip to South Africa in 2016


To fight this horrible disease Narda needs to explore and undergo treatments not currently available in Canada that will enhance the effectiveness of the chemotherapy she is receiving. Cancer drugs and treatments often have decades-long trial periods before becoming available for widespread use and Narda simply cannot wait.

There is a regional treatment available in Germany that has had tremendous effects for people in Narda’s situation. Pursuing this treatment would cost $147,000 in medical bills alone. They are still deciding what to do, consulting with their Canadian oncologist, but this route looks promising as a way to dramatically increase Narda’s life expectancy.